The New Year…finally

I’m sure that by now everybody has had plenty to eat, visited with relatives and we are all looking forward to the new year. I did the full tour of duty, went to Shreveport for Christmas day, then went to Houston for a couple of days to visit with more relatives. The Houston crowd is always interesting, I have a nephew that races road and mountain bikes, I have a neice that runs marathons and I have about 20 young neices and nephews that I hope to learn all their names someday.  I was chatting with my runner neice about running so we decided to get together the next morning, it’s been about 3 weeks since my shoulder surgery so I thought I should be ready for an outdoor event.  She ran me in the dirt but we made about 4 miles and it was great just to be back running. Family events are semi crazy, every one is talking, taking pictures, kids running everywhere and lot’s of food. It was a very good time.

On New Years day I plan to do my first bike ride.  It will probably be short and I’ll try to be very carefull to not fall off  but I always try to ride some on New Years .

Today, things went completely wrong,. I was bored, my riding buddy James came over and he was bored, it was raining, next thing I know we had pulled the motor out of the Porsche. About two years ago I rebuilt this motor and it has been running great…but it started having an oil leak at the crank seal. I needed to adjust the valves anyway and it’s better to fix the leak now than have it make a huge mess. It took about two and a half hours to get the motor out, it will probably take about two months to get it fixed and back in. Porsche motors can be a complete nightmare to work on, they are very difficult compared to regular car engines. I’ll take a bunch of photo’s  as I disassymble everything, I have a couple of good books on how to put it all back together. These kind of projects are fun but you can’t rush it, you have to check and recheck every piece because when these things go wrong it can cost a bunch of money. This coming week, I think it’s back to training time. Back to Pelaties, back to running and hopefully back to riding.


~ by johncobbresearch on December 31, 2009.

One Response to “The New Year…finally”

  1. Happy New Year!! I am glad you got out for a run and i hope your bike ride goes well. it seems like pulling an engine out of a freaking car might not be so good for a recovering shoulder, hmmm?

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