Almost back

Sometimes I seem to never be home, right now that’s ok because it keeps me from trying to do stupid stuff that might re injure my arm. And, it’s been a little cold here in Tyler, like I don’t think it’s ever been this cold here, so I wouldn’t have been outside much anyway.

  On Thursday I went to Houston to get started on a new design project.  While I was there I dropped in to Tri On the Run on Memorial Dr. Johnny Z and Kevin run this cool tri shop, the picture is some of their trainers they keep setup for classes.   They also have an Endless pool for swim anaylsis, so I had my training partner Robert get in to see how the program works.   The pool works well, Robert’s swimming needs more work. We also had a chance to go to this very cool horse farm in north Houston.  A fellow named Peter Pletcher is a multi time world champion in Equestrian riding/jumping,  I don’t know what I’m talking about here but evidently Peter is the Lance of the Horse world. It seemed like I was in Europe, the hedges were all cut perfect, there were Peacocks walking aound and some pretty nice looking horses running around.

Today I got on my bike on the trainer.   I made a whole hour so I was pretty happy about that. I did a good run yesterday and I plan to go to the pool on Monday.  I plan to do kickboard work in the pool, no arm swimming for at least another 6 weeks.  It was good to be on my bike, I sucked… the fitness just goes away so fast, that’s just not right.

I have also been very busy the last several days getting caught up on several fittings  for people.  This fellow named John had come down from New Jersey to get worked on and I wanted to put up a couple of pictures about him. He only does Time Trials now and is coming from a few years off the bike, He was having knee problems and needed more power. I did a lot of work on this racer, I moved the seat forward about 3mm, I lowered the seat about 3cm and lowered the bars about 9cm. He has a compact, barreled shaped chest so you have to be careful to not try to go too low in the front, that just exposes more back surface area which will hurt his aerodynamics.  He had a leg length difference, needed some cleat wedges for better power transfer  and we worked a lot on pedaling technique.  Because of some neck issues we couldn’t really flatten him out but these things are always “work in progress”  so over the next year I believe we can still improve him more.


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