A Mechanical Hole

Sunday was a real pretty day,  I got up, had a great breakfast and went for a 6 mile run.  That went very well so I went for a e-z 20 mile bike ride, I was pretty happy because it seems like my rehab is coming along well.  So, I’m driving along in my car, doing some errand before a planned afternoon of football watching, suddenly the check engine light comes on, dark clouds began to gather.  I  limp the tuner car home, not knowing what is wrong but also not wanting to make something bad happen.  I put the car up on the lift and look around, can’t see anything  but it was time to change oil so I decided I’d get that done and then watch football. I needed to run to the Auotparts house to get oil and filter but noticed that Gingers car had a big puddle under it. Where did that come from? So I decide I’d ride my motorcycle to the parts store, wrong, battery was dead on it. So, I looked out at the Porsche but of course I had just taken the motor out of  it.  I looked over to the Packard, it was willing but it doesn’t have a windshield or a front seat, so that might not work either. So, I look at my bicycle, the parts house isn’t very far and I could make that trip but it had developed a flat tire and I seemed to be out of spare tubes.   What a mess, I have let everything slip into mechanical chaos. Well, no football for me, I get Gingers car going enough for the parts house run and get the oil and parts for the tuner car. One down, Gingers car is a little more challenging but on Monday morning I limp it to the dealer  to fix a leak I just don’t want to even begin to try. New battery for the motorcycle, easy fix, the Packard is still waiting and the Porsche is having motor machine work done over in Dallas.  I did get our base cars running so the moral to this tale is [A] don’t let me be in charge of your car maintanence and [B] be sure your extra cars can actually run if needed.

This week I’m off to San Diego for a triathlon expo that should be a lot of fun, I’ll bring back pictures.


~ by johncobbresearch on January 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Mechanical Hole”

  1. What make/model is the tuner car? It’s an NA 4-banger with a CAI and strut tower bar, but I can’t make out much beyond that.

    • It’s a KIA Spectra 5, I’ve changed sway bars, Eibach springs and struts, built a CIA for it, bored the throttle body and am about to put a header on it. I put in different seats and stero. The hot rods I’ve messed with in the past seem to just keep getting me speeding tickets so this seems to be working for now.

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