Balmy, warm, soft breezes off the ocean, none of that applied to the weather on my last trip.  I had planned to run in the mornings, I took shorts and a singlet, turns out that 45 damp degrees was too cold for me. I was attending the first annual Triathlete magazine “Tri Expo” held in Tri central, San Diego. It was a cool event, not just temperature wise.  On Saturday morning they held a bike ride, Craig Alexander, Chris Lieto, Chris Carmichael, Kristen Armstrong, Michele Jones  and a host of other pros all turned out to do the ride.  Several hundred locals showed up and so there was quite the crowd, after the ride there were free breakfast Burrito’s for everybody.   I set up my Cobb Cycling booth and prepaired for the on rush of triathletes, it was non stop for two full days.  I had Will Jones, a tri coach from Baton Rouge and Mark Deterline, an advertising consultant, helping me. We talked to hundreds of people and put seats on for people to try. A shop in Los Angeles, Triathlon Village, loaned me their fit bike, there was a line of people wanting to get their fit co-ordinates and testing seats.

  After a couple of days of that, I went north to Agoura Hills, California, more fitting education to do. I had met Ashton Johnson [back to the camera in the picture] at a Slowtwitch camp and he wanted more education. I spent two days at Sundance Cycles working with Ashton and his crew, it was fun and I met a lot of the local riders.  I also met Pi, Ashton’s Golden Retriever of 12 years, a great shop dog, seen lounging on the floor at the left.  The Euro BMC team was staying at the same hotel that I was in but they left my first morning so I didn’t get to hang out with any of them.  They had been riding the Tour of California routes in preperation for the coming season.

  This week I’m off the the wind tunnel at A&M for a couple of days of testing to explore ways to help you go faster.


~ by johncobbresearch on February 4, 2010.

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