Winter Wonderland

  Even here in the Piney woods of East Texas, we occasionally get a little snow.  However, this time we got several inches that really made things pretty.  Ginger and I built a snowman, trying to keep up with the neighbors and all. It was gone after the next day but pretty while it lasted.

   A couple of days earlier, I had gone to the wind tunnel at Texas A&M. I had three riders to test along with a couple of new projects I am working on, it was a busy time.  It was also a cold time to be in the tunnel with air temperatures lingering around 36 deg. so the windchill would drop to the 20’s.  We elected to put Johnny Zappada from Tri On the Run in Houston in the tunnel first to warm the air up. After a couple of hours he was numb but still pedaling. During Johnny’s testing, I ran some rear number test, I don’t recall ever having done this so I took the opportunity.  As usual, the results suprised me and I’m going to write a nice article in the next few weeks about the testing. Next we put in Karen, a fast girl looking for more speed.  She tried several positions, a couple of them were fairly extreme but we did find some good speed for her.  Our last test subject was Nathan, a serious age group time trialer.  We tried several helmets and other changes to gain him some precious time, his position looks pretty slick for TT racing with a final drag in the 2100 gram range, that’s pretty good.

Now, I’m off to a Slowtwitch camp for two days, then on to Chicago.  I will be teaching a positioning class in the windy city and I’m sure it will be cold and snowing.


~ by johncobbresearch on February 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. Are any of these positions UCI legal? Especially that last shot of “Nathan”? His saddle appears to be in front of the BB.

  2. John, Thanks for the awesome bike fit in Glen Ellyn! I rode over 2 hours today and it’s already feeling extremely natural! I know the position changes will help me to achieve my goals in my 1st year as a professional triathlete. I appreciate the time you took in making sure it was a perfect fit! DREAM BIG!

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