More traveling, more snow

Last week I went to California to another Slowtwitch camp.  The camps are fun but a lot of work. We teach bike shop guy’s and girl’s from all over about how to set people on their bikes for more comfort and more speed. It’s up in the Mountains, East of L.A. at about 4600 feet. It’s cold this time of year but I expected that. My sleeping room mate, “Spike the Dog” helps keep you warm.  I left sunny California and headed to Chicago, snow? they invented it. It did get up to 27 degrees while I was there, it was special.

I went to Chicago to work with the crew at Rich Ducar’s bike shop in Glen Ellen. Rich is a long time friend of mine and he wanted me to work with his crew on positioning riders.  Anthony, Leah, Michael, Peter and Rob were all great and hopefully learned a good bit. One of the many riders that we fit posted a nice piece on his Blog and I’m linking it, he and I had a great visit about many of the old time racers we both knew back in the ’90’s in Kona. Hope he doesn’t mind!

I finally got home and learned that I had to go to the Dentist, that might as well have been a note saying to go serve time in Hell.  I went and at least I did get a new toothbrush out of the ordeal. 

I got all of my Porsche motor parts back today, now I can try to reassymble the big puzzle. It’s cool though, everything is shinny and clean so pretty soon I’ll be motoring around with the top down. Friday is Ginger’s birthday so I’m sure we will be celebrating out on the town.  Also, this Friday I get to go swim for the first time since my shoulder surgery, regular freestyle swimming,  it should be fun to get back to that.


~ by johncobbresearch on February 25, 2010.

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