Here in Tyler we put on a group bike ride that falls around the first day of Spring, it’s called the Beauty & the Beast. The ride offers different routes ranging from 12mi. to 67 miles and all of the routes include going up the “Beast”.  This hill that has been named the Beast, is a mile long, 12 -16% grade that proves very challenging for most riders. We had about 400 riders registered for the event and like all big rides, everyone was gathered around talking trash and getting ready.  Right about start time, over the course of about two minutes, a lot of things changed that I had not planned for.  Almost exactly at the start time, a huge storm blew in and it started raining like crazy, just about then, I went to get on my bike to start and my foot slipped on the wet, slick concrete and I took a big fall. I got up and thought I should get going but things didn’t feel quite right. I had told a friend of mine that has a vision problem and can’t see well at all in his right eye, that I would guide him on the ride,  we had to cancel that.  I went home and decided to go to the local Doc Box, got x rayed and found that I chipped the end of my tibia [ankle bone] abd had a very bad sprain. A boot for 6 weeks, crutches for 4 weeks and lot’s of ice should fix all of this.  It’s suddenly not looking to good for the New Orleans 70.3 but I should still make Kansas.

Maybe it was an omin or just dumb luck but I had just finished building some rear mount cleat shoes for a friend of mine. My training pardna’ Robert had come down with a stress fracture in his foot and was in a boot, I was having great fun with that, little did I know.  I built him some shoes with the cleats moved to the heels so there would be no pressure on his forefoot. It was a fun project, I built a mould arounfd the heel and poured in some JB Weld. After it dried I shaped it to match the arc of the cleats, drilled some holes and put in T-Nuts for the screws to go into. It worked pretty good, we rode about 25 miles on the first ride, the only thing to be careful of is the toe overlap on the front wheel is pretty significant.  

Earlier in the week I had Heath Thurston from Utah in for some bike fitting.  Heath is a pro triathlete that is usually first out of the water at the races, I was going to trade Heath some bike speed for me to get some swim speed. We worked on his position for a couple of days, we did our Tuesday night club ride just to be sure all was good, I think he will be faster now.  But then we had to work on my swimming, it just ends up being more golf, technique, technique, technique. I was able to lower my stroke count significantly and I did understand a little more about breathing and I had big plans to put in a high yardage week in the pool this coming week, now I’ll have to wait a few days.   I suppose that I’ll have to get out and around Monday, crutches are not that cool to get around with.  I wonder if they will effect my glide on the swim stroke?


~ by johncobbresearch on March 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ouch!”

  1. sorry to hear about your fracture… what a drag to have to wear a boot 😦 heal well!

  2. John so sorry to hear about the broken bone and sprain. I wondered about you and worried it was something more than a sprain since Ginger didn’t make it back to Bushman’s. Wish you a speedy recovery!

  3. fast recovery to ya

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