Where Have I Been

  It was painfully brought to my attention that I had not posted on my Blog in about 3 weeks, I know, I’m supposed to update this thing occasionally.  In my defense, I’ve been real busy and have been remakably slowed down by my ankle injury.

  I’m going to start with today and work backwards so, Happy Easter to all of y’all.  I celebrated Easter by riding my bike out to the Blue Store for some great pancakes and eggs. It was a great morning, the temperature was perfect, there was just a little wind riding home but all in all it was a great morning. Riding my bike seems to be helping my ankle, I still can’t put a lot of pressure on it but it is very much better each day.  I went swimming last week and that proved unpleasant, I forgot and pushed off the wall hard and that was painfull.

   I restarted my Pilaties class, my 6 pac seemed to be disapearing and my back didn’t feel right when trying to run.  It only took a few minutes to realise how fast those abs go away, lot’s of work to do there.  These are my Hottie instructors, they’re fun.

   I have been very busy building myself a new fit studio. I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to use a room at Elite Bicycles for my fittings for the last few years but I have out grown that space and needed to get better organized. I really appreciate their support all this time, Sport and Dave have been very helpful and I’ll continue to hang out there regularly. I’ll do a whole photo tour in the next couple of weeks but my new place will be pretty fancy when I’m done.  The rider above is named Charles from Beaumont, he was my first victim in the new studio.   The girl to the right is Sonia from the Dallas area, I did a lot of work with her and I think she should do well this season.  She is doing her first Ironman this summer, she made suprisingly good power so she should go well.  I lowered her front end almost 5″ and worked with her on proper pelvic rotation. Before the fitting I had gotten her to change to 165mm cranks and that has helped her a lot.  I would probably still go lower with her in the front but that will take a different bike, probably with 650 wheels.

On the weekend before this, I had gone to Dallas to work with Tom Rogers on a Spring tri camp.   These are fun, we had about 16-18 campers spend two days learning more about the sport of triathlon. I checked over each riders bike position and I gave a talk about how to hopefully ride smarter and faster.

  This week I’m back on track to finish up the new studio and try to get restarted on my training.


~ by johncobbresearch on April 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Where Have I Been”

  1. John,
    You did a great job with Sonia. I sent her to you as I try to do with any of my athletes who seem not to have a good fit. Sonia continues to build confidence on the bike and actually won her age group this past weekend at the Caveman triathlon in Flower Mound. She will continue to improve thanks to your help.


    Jim Lukanich
    Gorilla Multisport

  2. John did a great job fitting me on my tri bike. My form has totally changed and so my pace has improved considerably. I appreciate his time and patience. He worked about 4 hrs with me to make sure everything was right. Before I had been riding my road bike because I didn’t feel comfortable at all on my tri bike, but as my Coach Jim suggested, I needed to ride this one most of the time since the tri bike is the one I’ll be using for the Ironman. So I took it to John and here I am riding on it 100% of the time and getting a lot more confident on the aerobars. One more thing, I had back surgery last year because I got injured from from cycling. So even after the surgery I couldn’t ride for over 2 hrs without lower backache and shoulder pain. So, now I’m pain free even after my 3:30 hrs rides, yeah! Thanks John, you will be proud of me next time you see me riding! And thanks Jim for the referral. I’m so glad I took your advise.
    Sonia Soprenuk

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