Sort of in New Orleans

This is the weekend that I was supposed to be headed to the Big Easy for a rematch with the 70.3 triathlon course. A sprained ankle and cracked ankle bone derailed those plans so I’ve been concentrating eating to feel better.   To celebrate further, I did my first lake swim of the year today. I put my toes in the water and was sure of frost bite, I looked at the water and it looked cold so I was sure that this was going to be a challenge.  I got on the wet suit, which, miraculusly still fit, pulled on the cap and headed to the freezing water. About then these three high school girls show up to sunbathe, they have on bikini’s and said hi as they jumped in the water to go swimming!  I was totally “chic’d” so in the water I went.  Turns out it wasn’t really all that cold but that wet suit still floats pretty good.

To further celebrate my almost 70.3, I went on a great bike ride with James and Dave, two of my regular riding partners.  I used to ride with this guy named Robert a lot but he has a stress fracture in his foot so he’s down for a little while. James, Dave and I had a great ride, did some hills, bucked a good headwind and enjoyed the day.  All I need now is a run simulation and I would have almost completed my almost 70.3, I suppose I could run to the refrigerator again, that might count.

   My Hummingbirds are back, the first one showed up mid week and it was great to have them buzzing around. I feed this fat squirrel fairly regularly, he seems to have a Crow that is with him a lot and they argue over the sunflower seeds and corn pieces.  It’s a simple thing but it gives me a break from other things. I was very busy the past two weeks, I had riders in for fittings almost everyday and did a lot of work on them.  I’m working on a new  or at least different road race position that seems to be working very well for some of the riders, I’ll post some comparison photo’s soon to better explain this change.

  I should be able to start running again in 2-3 weeks and still plan to race in Kansas in June, I’ll just be riding and swimming a lot till then.   This coming week I’m off to Florida for a Tech show and then to California for a Slowtwitch camp,it’s always fun spending time in the airports.


~ by johncobbresearch on April 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sort of in New Orleans”

  1. I’m buying a V-flow max on the website and saw that you just missed the New Orleans 70.3. I did it for the second year and plan to make it an annual race. Great race…. great city. See you next year in New Orleans.

  2. Hey John – Its been a while since we have spoke (10+ years) and you have sold me several tri bikes (Softride / Javelin) and designed some cool paint schemes. Appears you are still leading the way with aero positions and comfort.
    I was reading the reviews on the Wilier bikes and your name was mentioned. I don’t know much about them but I’m in the market for a new long distance tri bike. Any thoughts?

    I hope to hear back from you.

    DeShon Davis
    Cary, NC.

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