Traveling and Learning

Ok, I’m back, I have been living in rent cars and Airports for the last couple of weeks, you forget just how much fun that is.  I guess I’ll appologise right now for the length that this post will be, I’ve been doing several intersting things [to me] so I’ll share them in no particular order.

   I’ll start off with my friends Ada & Allen Lester from Virginia. They had been pestering me for new bikes, I sold them their last ones about 15 years ago.  I don’t sell bikes anymore but I got them fixed up, they drove down and we spent a couple of days fitting, riding and eating, it was fun to see these two again.

I went to Lowe’s to get some bird food and other essentials, a simple goal but it turned ugly fast.  I get this shopping cart that had the front wheels from Hell on it. It was crazy, I kicked at it some but that just hurt me, so I pressed on.  Then I noticed that there was a pile of bird seed on the floor, duh, my bag had a hole in it that seemed to be growing.  Then I ran into this crazy lady that seemed to think I worked there and wouldn’t let up, I finally escaped with my bird food.  I was doing this shopping because I had to leave for a few days to go to a school about the Internet in Florida.  It was very interesting, I am way, way, behind the curve on understanding e-commerce.  They had some very good teachers there however that were able to hold my attention during the classses.

I got back to town for just a couple of days before heading to my next destination.  I got home Thursday about 9pm and two of our long time friends, Greg and Mary Hejtmanick [probably mispelled it, we’ve only known them 30 years] were here from Hawaii.  They moved there about 20 years ago but we still see them sort of yearly.  Greg’s a great athlete, done Kona, holds TT records and used to drag me out of bed to ride in any miserable weather possible. I wasn’t leaving until Monday, the weekend was pretty so we went riding.  Ginger stopped to pet our local horses, they’re cute but they will chew your bike up if you turn your back so you have to be careful.  

I was then off to California, teaching at a Slowtwitch camp, my last one until November. The weather was great so I didn’t have to sleep with my dog buddy Spike, I sure hated that!!  It was a very good class, there were a couple of very smart guy’s there that kept asking hard questions.  We are all there to learn so it was great to share some different thoughts and directions. On Wednesday night, I drove down to Newport Beach to talk to the Orange County Tri Club.  Another friend of mine, Jim Manten, was supposed to speak but he invited me to replace him, I had a good time.  I talked about all the usual aero stuff and how to make or save watts, nobody seemed to go to sleep so that is usually a sign of a successful talk.  It was a great group of racers.

I got home on Friday and on Saturday I went to an Equestrian event. I never have been to one so I was a fish out of water here. I’m working on a project that has to do with horses so I wanted to learn more about it.  It seems that a lot of people in funny tight pants go around on expensive horses and jump things, actually, that sounds about the same as watching a triathlon.

And finally, my training buddy Robert, started riding a HandCycle.  He has come down with a foot stress fracture that doesn’t seem to be healing very fast. A boot, crutches, lasers and witch doctors have all been used with some slow progress. So, he decided to get this Handcycle so he could join me out on the road.  It came in this box as a bunch of parts, I finally got it together and we went riding.  Of course, it needs some modifications, I’ve already built different hand grips, shifters and brakes for it, I will change the gearing on Monday and I think it will start to be more fun.  It is pretty fast downhill though.

I’ve got lot’s to do for the next few weeks, I’m still training for my Kansas race even though I can’t run yet.  I’ve got Internetin’  to do and just trying to get outside and enjoy this warmer weather.


~ by johncobbresearch on May 2, 2010.

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