Busy times inTyler

I admit it, I have been a slacker on updating my Blog.  I have been doing better on posting on my Facebook page, truth be told, I never new I would be doing either of these things not too long ago.  First, a quick health report, some parts of me are working better. I still can’t run but it is getting closer, I am swimming much better.

 Our local bike club has put on a TT series this Spring so I decided to enter a couple of the runs.  I had not done a TT in about 15yrs. so this was going to be interesting.  The first week I showed up with my stock bike, I did have aero bars, I pedaled pretty good and quickly remembered why I quit doing TT’s, very painful lung activity. Last Thursday night was my second race, this time I had dual 100’s with race tires, aero helmet and a good attitude. I overgeared the bike and suffered but went pretty well.  Next Thursday will be the final and I’ll have to think up some speed for this.

One of our local bike shops puts on a Tuesday night group ride, last Tuesday we had over 50 riders show up.  I volunteered to do Hotdogs and Hamburgers, it was fun and we will do it again in June.

I have this pet Hummingbird named Charlie that sits in my hand, it’s been a big project to teach him to do this. My growing animal kingdom now includes a rabbit. It showed up the other day and seems to be a regular at the feeder now. The squirrel and the other birds don’t seem bothered but my feed bill seems to be going up by the week.

I did several fittings the last couple of weeks, one rider was 6’8″ and that was challenging, another rider, Daniel was prepairing for his first Ironman so there was a lot of work to do there.  I’ve continued to preach about using shorter cranks and the riders are having huge success with this change.

  I have started making some progress on putting the Porsche back together, time just seems to get away from me on that project.  Last week I rebuilt the shifter adding some new shift ramps soI can downshift more safely when I play race car driver. I have all of my motor parts clean and layed out in order so this week I plan to get the cases assymbled.

It’s not looking to good for me to race in Kansas in two weeks, my swim and bike are good but I have no run, I’ll have to make that descision pretty soon.


~ by johncobbresearch on May 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Busy times inTyler”

  1. what, no starting gate ramp?

  2. preaching shorter crank….my 170’s feel great-no more big circle, I really feel the difference. I do not loose any speed or leverage. original size 172.5 which I use on road set up and change to 170s for tirathlons.

  3. John, would you mind expounding on your theory for using shorter cranks that you mention in this post. I have thought that I would benefit from shorter ones (mine are 172.5) and it feels to me that I have too big of a circle to peddle. BTW, love you VFlow Plus, saved my @ss.

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