Too many Projects

I looked up and it’s been 3+weeks since I last posted on here, I’ll try to do better.  I have been doing pretty good about posting on my Facebook page, all of this social networking is like having another job. My ankle does not seem to want to get well enough for me to resume running.  It swells up during the day and when I’ve tried to run more than a few feet it turns unpleasant.  I had to skip the Kansas 70.3 race as I just didn’t see any running going on.  I’m gonna’ give it a little more time and I don’t actually miss running very much during this heat.

 I’ve been making big progress on putting the Porsche back together. If all goes as planned the motor should be ready to put back in the car after this weekend.  These are much harder motors to assymble than regular V8 motors, I have over 30 hours of assymbly time in this so far. It should run good though, I’ve done some more tuning on the cams and valves that should make it even more peppy.

I’ve been shooting several You-Tube videos about bike positioning and bike setup. This is fun but a whole lot of work.  I set up a small studio, bought a Sony flip camera and started filming.  The hardest part was learning how to up load all of this. The four current video’s are on the Cobb Cycling website under the positioning tab at the top. I plan to shoot several more as I find victims willing to be put out for public scrutiny.

  I work on new seat designs every week but haven’t really found what I think I’m looking for.  I decided to gather up a couple of Brooks leather seats and compare them.  These are the seats that everybody rode 20 years ago, leather saddles now have a kind of cult following.  I found a well broken in saddle that was in very good condition, a more new saddle that had just been broken in  but was realtivley new and put them on my bike.  I remember the “feel” and that is still there but when you go ride it, forget about using aerobars, the nose area can be pretty harsh.  What was suprising was that the seat profile between the 20+yr old, well broken in seat and the new one were very similar.  This was good to learn so now I’m working on applying that to a new seat with a much better nose shape.

   This coming week I plan to have my annual Birthday ride on Tuesday night as part of the Elite Bicycle’s Tuesday night ride. We have been having more than 50 riders show up consistantly for the Tuesday ride.  Were going to have Hotdogs, hamburgers lot’s of drinks and maybe some cake or IceCream after the ride.  It’s plenty hot when we ride in the evenings right now but it’s Ok as the sun goes down. I guess at this point it’s just good to keep having birthdays but the numbers are starting to scare me.


~ by johncobbresearch on June 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Too many Projects”

  1. Hmmmmm… Brooks saddles? There’s a retro joke in there somewhere. Hope the ankle gets better. Have been using ‘Cobb’ techniques in my fitting work. Got a lot out of your visit to SoCal. Thanks again.

  2. I rode a Brooks b17 and loved it, except for, as you mentioned, the nose stiffness. The feel and support of the Brooks has not been replicated in a modern saddle. I like how your body weight pushes the sides of the saddle outward to support the rider and the natural flip in the back of the saddle anchors the rider. The frictionless environment of the smooth leather is also a plus. If you can design a modern saddle that doesn’t weigh a ton that accomplishes this, I’ll make the purchase. I’m currently searching for a modern (light weight) saddle to go on my new carbon fiber bike. I have a Cobb V-flow plus on the way, but you experiments with Brooks like feel, I’d be VERY eager to try.

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