A Big Storm’s A Comin”

     Hurricanes and Tornados are much different, you know the Hurricane is coming for days so you can prepare, the Tornado shows up like a Bookie you lost a bet with and doesn’t stay around too long.  I have a Hurricane coming my way, more shoulder surgery, this time on my right shoulder.  I knew right before I left for China about all of this, so I could make some better plans this time.

  I haven’t been back to Taiwan in over a year, it was actually nice to get back and visit some of my long time friends.  The factories are all busy and the bike business seems to be coming back to Taiwan from China, which is OK with me.  There are all of these pretty temples all over Taiwan, some are very ornate and multi-story , others are single room buildings but they are all very unique and beautiful.

  I used to ride a bus from Taipae to Taichung where I do most of my business. It took just over two hours and was one big thrill ride, some crazy driver doing battle with hundreds of other crazy drivers, now they have a high speed train.  This train eases along at 200 mph. and the trip now takes just under an hour with virtually no drama. It would be awsome to have one of these trains running between Houston and Dallas.

Several years ago I got to know a local Taxi driver named Karl while in Taichung. He speaks sort of English and has always looked after me very well, I have him take me around at different times and it’s nice to know someone there. On Tuesday I was getting onto an elavator and the door suddenly slammed closed except that I was in the way. The door slammed my right shoulder and I think dislocated it, I know for sure that it hurt like hell and I was completely disfunctional for a couple of hours. On Wednesday I decided to return home because I couldn’t accomplish anything work wise, so I finished what I could and made arrangements.  I go to tell Karl that I need to go to the Train station because I had hurt my shoulder and was leaving early, Karl says “I can fix your shoulder”.  He gets some tape out of the trunk of the Taxi and starts stretching it on my shoulder, it actually did feel better because it supported my arm and held the socket in.  Except that there is a price for this, I have to pull this tape off and the term “bikini wax ripping” flashes in my mind.   I think it really did help me on the return flight, the little bumps really suck and the tape seemed to stop a lot of that.

   So, I have been doing all of my “do later” chores, getting ready to be out of service for several weeks. The Porsche is running great, I changed the oil in my tuner car, I put away all of my tools, I swept and vacumned the shop floor, I disposed of all of my waste oil, so many things and only a couple of days to go.  Like the coming Hurricane, there is a little time to get ready. I’ve ordered this constant flow ice pack that uses recurculating ice water to help with my pain and suffering, I have a fresh stack of magazines to read and just maybe I’ll put fresh batteries in the TV remote. Probably will need to get some earplugs for Ginger though.


~ by johncobbresearch on July 18, 2010.

One Response to “A Big Storm’s A Comin””

  1. John: I never thought about it as a hurricane, but the way you put it brings back memories of past personal events. But living thru ’em makes ya stronger (like training). You know how to prepare & hang in for sure. Dave

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