The End of Summer

   I don’t really know when the end of the summer season really is but if I had to choose a time it would have been this past Labor day weekend.  I don’t think I could have imagined any weather that could have been nicer for several days, we scheduled bike rides for every day. Ginger and I were out Saturday morning rolling our new SHC170 saddles, they were suprizingly comfy. We rode over a hundred miles over the three days and we’re still talking to each other so all was good.

   On Monday we met up with the local bike club and did a nice 35 mile ride with a breakfast stop in the middle, there were about 60 riders and it was just a beautiful ride through some pretty hilly country. We rode to this country cafe which was filled with a bunch of motorcycle riders, our lycra seemed to clash a little with their leather but we all got plenty to eat.

  I haven’t been racing my slot cars much for the last few months, the track was about an hour away and I’ve been busy at the seat business.  But all that is about to change, my racing buddy Chris has volunteered his garage to put a new track in so we have all been working on the track to get it ready.  I was not too much help because of my shoulder surgery but we got it built and now have a new 75′ 6 lane track to race on.  I’ll have to build some new cars for this but hey, winter is coming.

  I’ve been needing to build a new fit bike to use when I’m positioning riders. There are several nice “fit cycles” on the market, they cost from $5000.00 – $12,000.00 but none of them seem to do everything and none of them seem to do everything the way I want. So, I decided to modify an older Serotta size cyle to do the things I was interested in and I have a couple of other changes in the plans for this unit. Besides, I needed to practice my welding and this seemed like a good excuse.  I built a L shaped bracket to help with the stack and reach co-ordinates and made some adjustable bars to help work out fork rake and trail on different sizes of frames. I added some digital guages and am putting on adjustable length cranks, I plan to use it over the next couple of weeks and then continue the modifications.

  Yep, it was a perfect Laborday, I hope to remember this one for a long time.  My next big adventure will be Interbike, a big cycling expo in LasVegas. I should get to visit a bunch of my old friends and meet some new ones, maybe I’ll think up something new while I’m there.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 7, 2010.

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