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  Now that I can finally use both hands, I have been trying to catch up on several projects.   In my last posting I put in a picture of a Serotta Size cycle that I was working on, trying to bring it into the 21st Century and all. The modification that I did worked but it was crude and was complicated.  Now I’ve gone through it and improved on the design a good bit.  I’m writing a full tutorial on how to do this modifacation and I hope it proves useful to many of the shops that have these bikes.

I’ve finally gotten to where I can ride my bike pretty good, slowly but at least it doesn’t hurt my shoulder when climbing.  Last Tuesday I decided to attend the Tuesday night club ride, they were having Hamburgers and Hotdogs after the ride so I sure couldn’t miss that.  We had about 60 riders, we go through town right when the traffic is the thickest with workers going home, we take up a whole lane but it seems to work. It was a great ride but the daylight is getting shorter so it looks like these rides are numbered.

   Our local Rose City Triathlon was Sunday, I worked at the race since I can’t swim yet.  We had been working on the race site since Wednesday, this was a big local tri event.  We had a tent that woud seat over 500 people, we had catered food that was crazy good, we had perfect weather.  It was a great day, the local racer that I sponsored for this event won the race overall, everybody seemed to have had a great time and all got plenty to eat. This was not your regular triathlon food folks, we had salmon cream cheese squares, chicken souflay’s, shrimp and cheese Grits, Griard steaks over rice and some white chocolate bread pudding that was to die for. The chef, the music, the servers were all just awesome and we’re gonna’ make it even better for next year.

   This week I’m off to Vegas, the annual Interbike expo is upon us.  I have a big booth and will get to visit a bunch of my industry friends, it should be fun but it’s some long days and a lot of talking.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 18, 2010.

One Response to “Back to projects”

  1. Any chance of getting a copy of that tutorial on
    setting up the old Serotta fit bikes for modern stack/reach
    measurements? Would be very interesting!
    Thanks for all the great information on this blog.

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