Working on Technology

 I made a pilgramige to the A&M wind tunnel, the weather was beautiful and we got a lot of testing done. One of my test was very interesting, I took a 7 yr. old boy and a 10yr. old girl and ran them through some aero test. In these test, the bike made over 60% of the total drag area, so equipment choices were very important. I was suprised to learn that having small riders didn’t guarantee low drag, so good positioning still outweighs bad positioning even with less frontal area.  Another test that I found useful was on a friend of mine, Mark Deterline  and his wife Susannah. They had come in from California for testing,  I put both of them on my fit station and worked on their positioning for TT races, then we went down to the tunnel for actual measuring. One of the test was a simple run to find out if you can go to low and lose aero gains. Both of these riders were in shape and relatively thin but I believe the answer is that it’s hard to go to low,  and just a couple of centimeters of bar height can quickly add a lot of aero drag.

  I have a top secret swimming pool project I’m working on, 50meters of swimming pleasure.  It should be ready about December so come spring time I’ll be swimming good.  I ran a couple of days this past week and everything seemed to be working fairly well.  I went and tried a trail run and that didn’t go as well as planned.  I’ll have to rest my ankle for a few days and then try again on some flatter trails.

  This Monday I get to go down for Jury Duty, a lot of fun to be had there, maybe I want get selected this time.


~ by johncobbresearch on October 24, 2010.

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  1. That is one awesome pool you have there

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