Tech Season

  The weather was just so great last week, I took an afternoon off and went riding with some of my cycling gang. It was great weather but I could tell I had not been riding enough, the hills were tough on this day.

  Before I had to leave again, I had a chance to work on my new running trails.  I drove this tractor around for a few hours, deciding where things should go and working to get in some good distance.  I was able to carve out a pretty good 3.1 mile run course, cut it with a brush hog, then cut it with a finishing mower.  I’ve run on it a few times and when the Spring get’s here it should be great.  

It seems like I had just gotten home from my wind tunnel adventure and I had to pack my bags and go to California.  A few years ago when I had my retail store, Nytro multisports in California was probably my biggest competitor.  I had never been in the store but the occasion came up on this last trip. My buddy Kate Major needed some positioning work on her bike and wanted to meet me there to look her over. I figured lightning or a lynch mob would greet me as I entered but Skip, the NEW owner and the entire staff were very great. I had a good time and look to visit again soon.

  Next, it was off to the mountains east of L.A.looking for gold, pioneering my way across the outback. Actually it was off to the November Slowtwitch camp, I got to work with many new coaches and fitters, all wanting to learn more about settting riders up on bikes. The rider at left is Robbie Ventura, ex top Pro cyclist and now a coach in the Chicago area. We all worked on positioning for two days and I hope everyone learned some good things.

It’s getting close to that dreaded season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. So much to eat and so little time, I’ve got to resist.  Ginger made this pie that made temptation raise it’s ugly head, I caved in so I guess my season has started early.

   Sunday, I’m back to the wind tunnel for two days of testing.  I have some aspiring racers from Florida coming in and we’ll try to get them faster. Then I’m back to hopefully do some training.


~ by johncobbresearch on November 13, 2010.

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