The Season’s Begin

I went down to the A&M wind tunnel for a couple of days testing, I shot a lot of smoke video to help people better understand where air goes.  I posted it on my web site, the link is here there is some cool stuff going on at the riders feet and lower back.  I plan to post more of this video soon.

  For better or for worse, the Holiday season is upon us all. My Thanksgiving days turned into about 10 days of events, mostly fun though, I’ll let you follow along on the adventures. 

   Ginger and I were going to Hodges Gardens in Louisiana for a weekend with several long time friends of ours, along the road trip we stopped in Shreveport to visit our friends Pat, Pam and Beth.  Beth  [daughter] had a baby girl, Maddison, that we had not met  and I thought we should stop by before she graduated from Highschool. We had a nice visit and yes, the young girl is completely spoiled as she should be.  It seems that Pam has started really excersizing and might ride a bike soon, maybe a triathlon is in her future.

  Then we were off to Hodges Gardens, now a State park but until just recently a privately owned park.  Back in the 90’s I used to put on triathlons there, they were always very challenging as this place has a bunch of steep hills. The park is built around a rock quary lake, very deep, surrounded by miles of waterfalls and flowers.  I had a good 6 mile run and had a couple of days of good visiting.

We returned home for a day and then it was off to Dallas, Thanksgiving, the big eat, football to the max, all worked around several naps. At this rate my training is going away fast but I’ve taken the oath to run further.  We had a pretty good spread for Thanksgiving, I had carved the Turkey and I didn’t modify the electric knife or anything.  I did live through all of that and got home for a nice run on Sunday.

   Back by popular demand, I restarted my winter trainer classes on Tuesday nights. We generally have 18 – 20 riders that come for an hour or so of torture led by me, then we do a practice transition and go for a short run. It’s fun when it’s over but everyone that did the class last year reported new speed last Spring so I believe it helps.

   Now, it’s on to Christmas, fun and good thoughts for everyone, train more, eat less.


~ by johncobbresearch on November 28, 2010.

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