Merry Christmas

   Here it is, Christmas time again and now the New Year is just a few days away. I thought about doing some fancy art to celebrate the season, I’ve gotten several very pretty Holiday cards from people and I always enjoy them all. So, I drew this tree, it looks kinda’ like our tree here at the house.

     It’s been a busy time the last few weeks, I’ve been trail running alot. I’m up to about a 7 mile distance now and that is very encouraging as the Spring race season is looming ahead.  I’ve built a couple of bikes, continued working on a new seat project, ridden my bike some, eaten a lot of stuff that was not good for me, so all in all, a perfect Holiday Season.

  I hope that everybody out there has a great Holiday Season and an even better New Year.


~ by johncobbresearch on December 24, 2010.

One Response to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Another year in the books and we are still alive. Hope you and Miss Ginger are doing well. Aloha

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