Moving on in the New Year

   The new year is just underway and Mother Nature brought us a little present. It snowed today about 2″ in about 3 hrs.  It was very pretty but didn’t last too long, it was 60 degrees yesterday so the ground was a little too warm for this.   Last year it snowed a lot during a cold spell and we built a Snowman along with all of our neighbors but no such luck this year.


 I got a late Christmas present last week, a 1968 Corvette.  My rich cousin Larry has had this car forever and it has been sitting outside in his driveway for years, shame on him. He trailered the car over to me and I plan to get it running nice, fix it up and run the wheels off of it.  It only has 35,000 miles and has made a wonderful Hotel for a family of squirrels under the hood. It has a 427 motor, a goooood thing when it get’s running and all cleaned up. This should only be a 2-3 year project, I have to make some headway on my Packard before spinning off on this too much. An Update!, while it was snowing I got the Corvette running, I put in an electronic ignition, new plugs , fixed some fuel problems and charged the battery. Now if it will quit this snowing stuff I’m going to take it around the block. For a quick stroll down memory lane, back in the ’60’s I was a regular hot rod guy and made some college money by tuning up local street cars for the racer crowd.  I was pretty good at it, had a fast car [several] that I street raced and had some fun.  I have not seen a set of ignition points in over 20 years as I thought about it, I couldn’t even remember how to set them correctly anymore. But the magic of electronics came to my rescue and this motor seems to want to run quite well.

    I’ve been running on trails a lot, rehabing my ankle and trying to get some milage back up. Saturday was real pretty, high 30’s at the start and warming up nicely after that. I plan to increase my road milage over the next few weeks and hopefully start swimming again the first of Feburary, my shoulder is being a little slow to comeback after my last surgery.

  This time of year I get pretty busy doing fittings, I have riders from all over the country coming in searching for speed. It is motovating talking with all of these riders though, makes me realise that I’m a little behind on my training.


~ by johncobbresearch on January 9, 2011.

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