Getting back on the road

January always kicks off the Expo season for me, this year I went out to San Diego and had a great time with the Endurance Live Expo put on by Triathlete magazine. I talked to a lot of  racers while there, I had an opportunity to visit with Mirinda Carfrae [2010 Kona winner], she was very nice. My hat is also off to Chris McCormack [Macca] he was at the show all day! doing autographs, pictures, visiting sponsor’s booth’s, being very accessable to the public.  I always think it is stupid of the other pro’s to not show at these events and meet with  the public, after all, the average racer is who gives them value to other sponsers.

   Right by my Hotel there was a Maritime museum with several ships that spanned a couple of hundred years. There were a couple of these older sailing ships, I can’t imagine being in the middle of the ocean on one of these. Then next to that area was the U.S.S. Midway, a great aircraft carrier that was recently retired. I did a tour of the ship and it is huge, not fancy, just a real warship that served our country so well.

I’ve been running a good bit and that seems to be going well, on the other hand , Ginger has been temporarily retired from running.  A few years ago she twisted her ankle rather badly but continued to put up with it.  It finally got to hurting enough that she had to get it fixed so off we went to the hospital for some surgery.  That all went well and I brought her home for some healing, my job was to do medicine and keep Ice packs on her leg.  That should have been so easy……. I had planned it out, I was going to use my “Ice Cooler” that I bought to use on my shoulder to help with swelling. This small box has a pump in it that recirculates cold water through a pad that wraps around whatever you need cold, it works great. That was, until about 7pm when the motor started screeching and then died. A very BIG problem had reared it’s head, I had to get to thinking.  I busted over to Lowe’s just before closing and found a small pump that you use to make fountains, I headed home to do some building.  I got to use a lot of tools for this, I cut some tubing, did some wiring and happily got the Ice cooler working again.  There’s nothing like a good late night thrash to get your energy up.

  Now it’s back to more running and hopefully some biking.  I’m not quite back to swimming as the shoulder seems to be taking it’s own sweet time to heal but it is getting better.


~ by johncobbresearch on January 27, 2011.

One Response to “Getting back on the road”

  1. Wow didn’t know Ginger had surgery. Hope she is doing well.

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