The End of The Rainbow

  Old man winter came and put some smack down on East Texas, we got record snow and ice, much like a bunch of the northern states.  It generally doesn’t snow here all that much but it was pretty.  We didn’t get to make a snowman this year because Ginger is still on crutches, though recovering well and quickly it seems.

  I just returned from a long visit to California where I spent a day at Nytro giving their employee’s some coaching on bike fits.  They have a great and willing crew and a fabulous store, the management at Nytro is very nice to let me in there.  One of my victims while there was young Danielle who  manages  there at Nytro.  My buddy Kate Major dropped by to get her cleats aligned before she headed off to the first Rev 3 triathlon in Costa Rica.  Then it was off to the mountains just East of L.A. to spend a couple of days with Dan Empfield and the campers at the Slowtwitch compound. It was a great group, it always inspires me when there are some young and smart guy’s and girls there to learn more about fitting.   The weather at the camp is so strange  that I cannot seem to get a grip on when it will be cold  [usually] or hot [rarely] so I know what clothes to bring. This time, the winds started blowing about 50+mph and never seemed to let up.  It was raining just on the L.A. side of the mountains and the winds were so strong that it constantly blew a mist over the mountains.  Even though the sun was out on our side, there was a steady rain coming in. Then at lunch, a rainbow appeared up in the mountains, Monty [Mark Montgomery] said, “just wait”  that it would land right in this guy’s back yard. Sure enough, after a few minutes the end of the Rainbow ended right in the middle of this farmers back yard, I looked closely but could not find any Leprecons or the elusive “Pot ‘O Gold”.  This picture does not do this site justice because we were just a few hundred yards away at the time but it was very cool.

   In a few days I head off to the Orient, I’m going to Tailand, Taiwan and China, my eating routine will be severly disrupted.


~ by johncobbresearch on February 20, 2011.

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