Travelin’ Times

As I’m sitting here trying to catch up on my Blog, I’m suffering from some serious jet lag that makes concentrating pretty hard.  So, if this wanders some please bare with me.   This year my Cobb Cycling company is the sponsor of  Team TBB, a very highly ranked Tri team based out of Singapor. Just last year they won or placed top three in over 26 Ironman races and the team members just won the 70.3 race in Singapor this past weekend.  I flew to Thailand to help the riders find the best seat for themselves, to work on their positions some and meet everybody at their annual training camp.  The 8 week camp was held in Krabi, on the western shores of Thailand.  I stayed at the same Hotel as the racers so I could work with them more easily, I never could quite pronounce the name of this Hotel but I do know it was 72 steps up to my room on the fourth floor. It was nice but a little third world, no hot water, you couldn’t wear shoes inside the building, a religous rule thing, and oh yeah, it was 105 degrees outside during the day.  Just outside my Hotel was a Elephant area, I’m talking 100 feet or so and everyday the Elephants would walk by the Hotel on their way to graze in the forrest for awhile.  You could pet them, feed them and ride them, they were pretty nice but it looks like a lot more up keep than a dog.  Another thing that was different was that  there were Monkeys hanging around and they would sit on your table when you were eating.  The Monkeys were from the local Monestary just a few yards away, everything like cows, dogs, monkeys, mosquitos,  it seemed, were some type of religous symbol and it all intermingled with the humans that were intruding on the area.  And why was the camp held there you might ask? well, about 2 blocks away there was a great 50 meter pool and a nice rubber coated running track and the roads were just great to ride and run on. Large shoulders and light traffic made for a good training  location.   I met Brett Sutton, the renouned tri coach that seems to make people go really fast. He was very kind to me and tolerated all of my questions and other things I did that were probably inconvienant.  The team members were all just great people, you can go to the Team TBB web site and read a list of who is who and all of their accomplishments, they are a very talented bunch.  One of the racers, Rebecca “Bec” Keat out of Australia has been using my saddles for years.  I had never actually met her, turns out she’s hot, talented, taller than I am, and just a great person, it’s always fun to meet someone you have worked with and put a face with the mental image.   On the fourth day of my visit, we all got on this charter boat and went Island hoping.  The plan was to get some photo’s at a beach and have a relaxing day.  It all went well, I got to swim in the ocean and get a quick and rude reminder that I swim slow and all those racers swim like Dolphins.  I had read a good bit about the country before I left, it is truley beautiful there but I’m not sure the beauty offsets the 22 hour plane ride. I had a great time and want to thank all the team for putting up with me.

Then it was back to Taiwan, the Taipae International bike show was going on at the same time so I spent a day wandering up and down those isles.  There were hundreds of new bikes, pretty colors and fast accessories, it shoukld be a good year coming up.   I finally made my way back to Texas though, I’ll just be here two days before I head out for a few days of wind tunnel testing.  Then I go back to California for a Slowtwitch camp, those are fun but a lot of work.  Somewhere pretty soon I have to start really training, It’s only about 82 days to my first race in Kansas so time is getting short.


~ by johncobbresearch on March 21, 2011.

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