More Traveling

   The Spring time is always a very busy time for me, the race season is starting, everyone wants to get faster and I need to travel a lot to visit dealers and suppliers. My trip to Thailand was much fun but makes for a long plane ride, touring the Taipae show was interesting but it’s not like being at home.  

I got home and immediately had to go spend a couple of days testing at the Texas A&M wind tunnel. That’s not complete torture however, you only learn more by testing more and this session continued that theme.  I had some track racers in for testing and a new group from Canada wanting to learn more. My good friend Nathan helped me shoot some video that came out pretty good,  you can follow this link hopefully. On this video there are a couple of real cool things to see. One thing is that while this rider is pedaling, his leg position is causing the smoke exiting his helmet to act differently, I had never seen this before. Another thing is that for most riders I try to get the chest air to exit fast over the riders hips to help draw air through the chest but this rider was more compacted or barrel chested and the air would not go as I wanted.  By working on knee width while pedaling and lowering the front end more with the use of shorter cranks, his aero drag got much better but the chest air eneded up exiting between his legs. I guess I’ll have to go back and do more testing, it’s an endless battle.

   I returned home, it was a very beautiful day so I decided to go for a little bike ride.  I’ve ridden about twice since November so I start out on a 60 mile loop going to Jacksonville and Frankston, points south and through a very hilly section.  I would have done better fighting Indians, the hills killed me, you could have bought my bike for $.50 about mile 45, I pressesd on and made it but I’ve got a lot of training to do to catch up with the locals.

    I was home for two days before heading out for the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. It’s one of the craziest things I’ve attended in a long time, 4 days of bike rides, races and Expo.  All day long, starting on Thursday, there are Road races, Mountain bike races, Down Hill races, TT races, Circuit races, BMX races, skills competitions and demo rides, along with two Grand Fondo tours on Saturday. Over 7000 bike racers were on hand, over 45,000 people were camping and riding and hanging out.   The downhill ended almost in front of my Expo tent, those cat’s were plenty fast as they raced “dual slolam” down a pretty steep hillside.  There were riders everywhere all day long, it was fun but it was a ton of work.

I returned home on Monday planning to get a little rest but I had one of my racers needing some attention.  Sam Warriner from New Zealand was here in the U.S. and needed some bike tune up before the 70.3 race in New Orleans.  She came to Tyler and spent 3 days with me while I changed everything about her bike and riding.  It required a little arguing and coaxing but I wore her down, thankfully she went on down to the Big Easy and had a great race.  It’s always nice to not ruin someone’s Pro career right at the start of the season.  Sam was very nice and fun to be with, I hope she continues to have a great season.

I’m almost done with my travels this Spring, now I need to just get through Easter and get on a steady diet of training, Kansas is coming up very quickly.


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  1. You seem to be asking the rider to have head rotated down, tail up on the helmet. Is this the next wave of contrary information about aero helmet wearing, much like the waterbottle/no waterbottle data? I have the same helmet, very intentionally have it rotated such that I can feel the tip on my back in the aero position…..

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