An Electrifying Experience

   I had been traveling for almost two months straight and I was so far behind in my training that I was all but starting over. The last thing I wanted to do was go on another trip but Ironman Texas was in the Woodlands, just 2.5 hrs. away and I wanted to go see what that was all about.  Ginger and I loaded up Friday and went to The Woodlands and fortunately for us, her brother lives there and was about 2 minutes from the race course.  Saturday morning came and we and about 6000 of our closest friends went to watch the swim start, it was the usual Ironman mass start so chaos was the norm. The Pro’s left at 6:50 then the age groupers started at 7am, it was just getting light.  Toward the end of the swim, the competitors all had to swim down a canal, it was great for us spectators as we could lean out over the swimmers as they came through.  Great for checking technique and the canal was only about 3 feet deep so as racers goggles would get knocked off they could just stand up and fix them.  In the end, One of my racers Eneko Llanas of Spain won the race riding one of our SHC saddles, atta’ boy.

During the week that I’ve been back, I took a couple of days to work on the Corvette project.  I have gotten the A arms powder coated and put in new bushings, got new shocks and took the brake calipers apart to get 10 – 15 years of bad goop out of them. They were nasty but I soaked them for several days and they soon were clean as new.  I decided to paint them red, not really the correct color for this model car but I liked it so now they are done.  Next week I hope to start the reassymbling process so I can be cruising this summer.

  I decided to take the plunge, I was weak, I hate buying gasoline , so I bought a new Chevy Volt. A few years ago I traded my SUV for a Kia Tuner car, that was fun and I enjoyed the car. I changed the springs, the shocks, the sway bars, the intake, the exhaust, the seats and had some good times with my Tuner car. But it only got about 32mpg’s and once you start the quest for better millage, a Volt seems like it might work out pretty good.  It’s faster than my Kia, ton’s quiter and for the first 93 miles that I’ve driven it, it has not used one drop of gasoline.  I recharge it at night and I think the recharging will cost about 75 cents a time, it will be fun to watch and learn more about the electric world. I sort of know a lot about electric motors from my slot car racing but for now I plan to leave the hood closed. After all, I’m a bicycle guy and I’m trying to do something green for the earth.

I’ve just got a couple of weeks of training time before I head to Kansas for the 70.3 race there, I’m pretty sure the run will be an ugly afternoon.  I’ve done two 60 mile rides and should have time for two more, I’ve been swimming some but those running legs seem elusive right now.


~ by johncobbresearch on May 22, 2011.

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