Death By Computer

I haven’t posted for a couple of months, partially my fault and mostly the computer devils at work. First, I broke my phone that had all my pictures and stuff in it. When I went to get a replacement, the sweet girl said “oh just sync it” and all your stuff will be replaced. Well, “sinking it” is what had caused my problem but it turns out that I was supposed to have backed it up on my computer.  That, of course, would have been the computer that ate it’s hard drive that very day, it had ALL of my “stuff” on it so no could do, on the Syncing process. As I wandered hopelessly through the isles of the computer store, I was reassured that I was not completely part of the new generation. Yeah, I could pick out a new computer but they all had this new thing called Windows 7, I decided to maybe go to the dark side and look at a Mac but the $3000.00 entry was not that appealing. I suffered for a day and got a new system that has much speed and memory, enough hard drive to hold all the world’s knowledge and slots on the front for memory cards.  Luckily for me, I had installed a remote hard drive on my old computer so after a couple of days I have been able to retrieve some of my old files. Then, my shop computer that I use for my fittings went out. I simply could not believe it, I was cursed but now, all of my computers are on Windows 7  and hopefully this week we be less computer eventful.

   We planted some Sunflowers again this year, unfortunately we didn’t do it quite early enough.  We have had a few come up but since it’s been over 100 degrees here for over 60 straight days and we now are on a water restriction plan, the Sunflowers along with everything else in the yard are suffering. Did I mention that it has been really HOT here.  I never thought I would experience this kind of weather in East Texas, it usually get’s over 100 degrees a few times during the summer but this has been crazy.

  I continue to really love my Chevy Volt.  I never, ever, would have dreamed that I would like a car that wasn’t some kind of hot rod or that at least I could work on it if I wanted to but this car is so great.  I got a 240 volt charger for it, I mounted it in the ceiling right above the car and it has turned out to be very convieniant. The 240 charger keeps the battery filled up about 4 times faster than the standard charging system that comes with the car.  I have just over 4800 miles on the car so far and I am averaging 87mpg’s. Of course as you get more envolved in the electric car world, you become psycho about things that use up your battery. It still turns out that my bicycle get’s much better milage but till that thermometer goes down some I’ll stick with the car.

I don’t have anymore pictures because of my synking failure which is sad, I went to Utah for a week for a bike show and it was very beautiful there.  I also went to Waco and raced in the TriWaco triathlon, it was a great race venue but a very hot day.  Busy times are just ahead but I have a new camera, a new phone, several new computers and renewed hope that I will survive in this electronic world.

~ by johncobbresearch on August 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Death By Computer”

  1. Hey Johnny,

    I’m new to triathlon and had a few concerns. Namely, do you think some Mother’s animal crackers are a good prerace fuel? They’ve got a hold of me and I can’t shake em. And it seems a little Bonecrusher in the morning really gets me going. Any thoughts?
    thank you!!!!!

  2. Dad said he is dissapointed in your volt purchase….lol but was relieved you do have an old corvette

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