A Gran New Year

No that is not mispelled, I meant Gran…Gran Turismo that is.  I got this pc game for christmas and haven’t put it down since.  This is no ordinary car racing game where you can “plug and play.”  It takes much more involvement than I expected.  You have to tune your car, change the tires, balance things, and upgrade this & that if you want to win.  Winning may be a long way down the road for me, because I’ve first got to learn how to stay on the road!  Finishing each race is challenging enough.  I’m pretty car savvy, so I should be seeing that checkered flag in no time.

I had to take a small road trip recently to Kentwood, LA, and ran across quite an interesting establishment named “Nyla’s burger basket.”  I was told by the locals that Britney Spears frequents this fine dining when she is in town.  It was all news to me, but I’m sure if Britney eats it, then it must be healthy.  GrEaT bUrGeRs AnD fRiEs!!  If you ever find yourself in Kentwood, you can stop and eat at Nyla’s burger basket and say you are on Britney’s diet.  I sure am.

My good buddy Mark Miller, who owns Precisions Bikes, www.precisionbikes.com,  and Geaux Run, www.geauxrun.com,  in Louisiana, are always sending product back and forth to each other.  I decided to send him a sample of a shirt my designer, Jeff Waskowiak, is working on that we had mocked up locally.  The design is a skeleton composed of all sorts of bike parts such as chainrings, water bottles, pedals, seats, etc.  The mock up is not too pretty, as the design needs to be enlarged, but we just wanted to see what it looked like on a shirt.

I’ve started fitting riders again on a limited basis this year.  Here are a few before and after photos of a few riders we had in recently.  Terra Castro, terracastro.blogsport.com , member of Team Luna, was  a pleasure to work with, as well as Michelle Truesdale Leblanc, owner and coach at www.outrivalracing.com .   Best of luck to both of you in 2012!


~ by johncobbresearch on January 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “A Gran New Year”

  1. So how does one get in on the limited John Cobb bike fit? I could use some winter cycling and I don’t even think there is a person who is a good bike fitter in MT, so I think I should travel. You saddle changed my life and I think you are the person to fit me to my bike. Or convince me to get a new bike.

  2. John,

    A few months ago on slowtwitch you wrote about switch point between quadriceps and hamstrings:

    “you can feel this point of flex right under the Itchia Tract very easily”

    You’ve left a lot of people wondering where is the Itchia Tract? It doesn’t come up in google search or anatomy books. Can you please elaborate?


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