There’s Nothing Cars, Bikes, & BBQ Won’t Fix

Our local fairgrounds puts on a good car show every year that I always make a trip out to.  Just so happens this 68 Corvette caught my eye.  I think maybe I’m just a sucker for red, seeing as how my Chevy Volt is red too.  Corvette’s are always fun to drive, but I think I’ll stick to my Porsche to fill my need for speed though 🙂  Speaking of Corvette’s, I need to finish my Corvette project I have going on in my garage right now.  I always make trips out to the garage to finish it, but end up getting distracted and building something else.

I make many trips a year out to the Slowtwitch camps in California.  It’s always an interesting trip, with interesting people.  Mose are very eager to hear what I have to say as I always have been one to preach against conventional wisdom in my fitting technique.  This trip out to slowtwitch was one of the most memorable in that the weather went crazy on us.  At 12:30pm it was bright, sunny, and beautiful outside.  Then 2 hours later you find yourself freezing cold and iced in with 3″ of snow on the ground.  I’ve never seen weather change so fast.

I made a trip over Louisiana with my marketing manager Jeff Waskowiak, and Robbie Peltier recently.  They have come up with a whole new vision for Cobb Cycling which I am excited about. Be looking forward to some big changes at Cobb Cycling around June this year, as well as some new product designs.  Every trip to Louisiana for me always starts with a Lunch at Cobb’s BBQ. This restaurant was owned by my uncle Joe Cobb, who passed away around 2 years ago.  Sue Cobb now runs the place, and does a great job of putting smiles on customers faces.  If you ever find yourself in Shreveport, LA and in the mood for BBQ, give this place a visit.  You’ll see many photos of celebrities that enjoy eating there such as the Beach Boys, and Nicolas Cage.

Oh hey, checkout my new bike I have spent some time building up.  It doesn’t get any better than a good softride.  I bought this frame and pieced it together little by little.  I took it for it’s debut spin last night at the local trainer class.  She worked great!  

~ by johncobbresearch on March 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “There’s Nothing Cars, Bikes, & BBQ Won’t Fix”

  1. Not sure what I love more the Softride bike or the nod to old school muscle cars. Love the blog.

    1959 Vette in the garage and a 1998 Softride Roadwing close by. True blend of horsepower and manpower, side by side. I just wish Corvettes were as easy to collect as ‘beam bikes’.

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