Snake Eggs

IF I was a barefoot runner, this would have been a bad day for me.  Feisty snakes and bare skin are not a good match.  A few weeks ago, Ginger and myself went to a local park to do a bit of trail running…only to be greeted by a nasty east texas copperhead snake.  Not exactly a friend I want to hang out with.  This little guy wasn’t too big, but if you are from Texas you understand that the BIG snake is just right around the corner watching you poke at its baby.

Easter is this weekend, and I got back into doing a little airbrushing on some easter eggs for my wife Ginger.  Airbrushing has always been a past-time of mine, and I’ll have some fun once in a while with it now.  These are hollow eggs shells I was painting up a bit, and you’ll see my finished masterpiece laying in a basket.

pro triathlete champion ironmanI wanted to send out a congratulations to a terrific pro triathlete that I spons0r, Caroline Steffen “XENA!”  She had a great victory at Ironman Melbourne a few weekends ago posting a very fast time.  Way to go XENA!  She may just take Kona this year folks.  Check out her team website, of which I am a proud sponsor, for some cool photos and athlete profiles.

~ by johncobbresearch on April 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Snake Eggs”

  1. Cute snake eggs. Great idea.

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