Sometimes Pressure is a Good Thing

I recently acquired a Tactilus pressure pad so I could further my research into building better, smarter seat designs.  The unit itself is just a thin pad of sensors that can be placed wherever you want to measure pressure.  The readouts can be seen in 2d, 3d, and a myriad of colors and settings.  It’s simple in concept, but digging into the units full capability will take some time.  I recently spent a day with a rider, Jeff Waskowiak,  just starting to play around with the unit and simply visually looking at various areas of pressure between different positions and seats.  I had a unit very similar to this one in the years past that I used to measure seat pressure, as well as foot/hand pressure.  It turns out you can learn a lot when you take the guessing game out of asking someone  about their seat comfort.  Asking, “How does it feel,” now turns into, “Well look at that” because now I can see again exactly how its feeling for the rider at an exact point on the seat.  The pressure points are mapped out into pressure zones and are associated with a specific color…for example, if there is red, that translates into a certain pressure zone being applied at that point on the mat…with light blue being the “lightest” pressure displayed.  I would say this is the adult version of the playstation…except this playstation costs quite a bit more 🙂

~ by johncobbresearch on June 20, 2012.

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