Business in Kona

Ginger and I decided to go to Kona this year for the Ironman triathlon, it’s a week long event that takes a lot of energy from you, even as a spectator.  I had a lot of friends and sponsored athletes doing the race so I thought it would be fun to join in.  We took our bikes and did several good morning rides out on the Queen K.  
On Wednesday before the race  I went to the Annual Slowtwitch gathering and visited with many of the posters on the “forum” Lot’s of fun and I look to stay longer next year.  I met Chrissie Wellington there and she was visiting with everyboody, she is a great ambassador for the sport.

Then it was raceday, you could feel the excitement in the air, we bought sidewalk chalk and  made the road in front of our Condo as tacky as possible, lot’s of fun.

So the race was on, we cheered for all of our friends and athletes, a very good friend of ours, Mark Miller from Lafayette finally qualified for the race after 17 years so it was big fun having him run by.

Mark had brought his family and several friends so they all came to our place for the afternoon, he had a great day.

The race was a typical Kona day, it turned very windy and got hot, running through those Lava fields is something special and something I have no interest in doing.

Today we had our first ever half Ironman race here in Tyler, a local racer named Steve Ferris decided to put this on, this was a huge undertaking.  The race went very well, it was billed as the hardest Half in Texas and after talking to the competitors after the event I believe it lived up to the expectations.  I was one of the announcers and our local riders really turned out to do volunteer work , without these supporters we could not have had this race. We had one unexpected race volunteer that helped with the swim.

So in a few more days I’m on the road again, I’m going to California to work with some athletes, then going from there to Taiwan to start a few new product projects. I should get all of the traveling done just in time to get back for some Turkey.

~ by johncobbresearch on October 21, 2012.

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