I Survived the End of The World

I waited to see if the end was really coming on Friday, I hated to waste all of this time typing and then have it go to waste. Image

I have been traveling a lot over the last two months but one of my stops was in Italy. I was there working an a new project and I got to test in the Pinafarini wind tunnel on Torino. It was a very nice facility and everyone treated me extremely nice, we tested for two days and hopefully I learned some things.Image

   I was home for 4 days before I left to go to the Texas A&M tunnel for a day of testing, it was fun as usual.  The engineers at A&M have installed a new 3000 HP, variable speed motor and it has completely transformed the testing there.  It is whisper quiet now, literally when you are testing you can stand by the rider and just talk to them, no yelling, no hand signals, just have a conversation and get on with the test.  It was so great, it truly has made testing there a whole new experience. Oh and by the way, I was working on this Superman position for triathlon and it was interesting to see that it still works pretty good, rather damn good really. The only problem, other than needing a little core strength, is that  2cm of height can absolutely make or break this setup.  When it’s right it’s fast but if it’s off it is not worth trying, so if you want to try it, schedule some tunnel time and work on your core strength.Image

Many of you that read this Blog also do bike fittings from time to time.   Paul Swift from bikefit.com developed a nifty tool that makes changing out saddles and adjusting them a snap. He was kind enough to send me one to test out and I must say it has been great to have.  I built my own fit bike based on an old Serotta fit bike and adding the seat switcher to the bike was very easy. Now when doing a positioning on a rider, you are hesitant to start swapping saddles around, it takes a simple flick of a lever and it’s done. I’m really thinking about taking my fit bike to the wind tunnel on my next trip, I think it could speed up the rider positioning process a lot. By using the fit bike, you just work on rider position, you won’t be distracted by aero parts not being consistant. 

   Well I hope every one has a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy Holiday season, I’ll have more to write about real soon. 

~ by johncobbresearch on December 22, 2012.

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