I used to write a Blog fairly regularly, and I looked up the other day and noticed it had been three years since I last did a posting. Time seems to go by faster these days, but I’m going to try and do better about posting. I’ve done some good work on fitting various riders and helping them achieve their results; I’ve continued to develop several new products for myself along with some new helmets for Rudy Project.Hawaii riding

When I last did a posting, I was racing triathlons a good bit and training a lot, since then I have torn both of my Rotator Cuffs and had surgeries on both, went through rehabs, and now I can’t swim at all. I do continue to eat well, so there is that but bike riding is painful on my shoulders but running seems to work ok.

Back in 1939, my father bought a new Packard automobile, and it has stayed with our family all these years. It had deteriorated pretty much the last few years he was with us, so I decided to restore the car. This turned into a much larger project than I had envisioned at the time but I can see that it might just get finished here in the next few months. Once I brought the car to Tyler I began the task, I have learned a lot of techniques on painting and wood graining, sanding and painting the body, sewing the interior, rebuilding the motor and all of the suspension, I have spent a lot of hours on this but it seems to help me relax some now that I can’t swim or bike very well.



I still occasionally travel to China/ Taiwan for business, but now I have developed a Skype office setup, and I get a whole lot of my work  done without having to make a 30-hour plane ride. This new computer technology seems to be catching on so I blame Al Gore for these issues, I’ll continue to learn and work on that. As we are speaking of computer technology, learning more about training with Power Meters has been interesting, learning more about how coaches use this [or don’t] is interesting and recognizing how much the “coaching business” has blown up in the last several years is very interesting to me. I’ve given a few talks at some conferences about coaching and the business of triathlon, the sport is changing, the racers, both age groupers and Pro’s are still fun to be with even when you are not able to race with them.

I’ll post again soon and get more specific on just all the fun I am having.

~ by johncobbresearch on March 29, 2016.

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