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8 Responses to “About”

  1. John,
    Wanted to get your opinion on Jet Stream forks.
    As my times continue to improve at time trials it is now coming down to seconds. Trying to shave seconds now by changing equipment. I switched to a negative angle fork and that improved my position and increased my speed at my FTP.
    I was reading about the Oval Jet Stream forks as a teammate has them and swears by them. But I could not find any research articles on the web nor could I find any discussion on bicycle forums.
    Is it for real or just a marketing gimmick. They are pricy and wanted to get feedback before buying them.

  2. GDay John,
    I am Kate major’s sister Emma and I am emailing you to let u know we have to get ur saddles out to Oz…..they r the best thing my “bits” have ever sat on and I ahve never been soooo comfortable in my life…it makes the long rides more enjoyable.
    I have to say for a guy you have mastered the female saddle……Amazingly and ……..WELL DONE!!!!!

  3. My saddle problems disappeared overnight with John’s V Flow max. John worked with me and my positioning and now I can ride for hours upon end without moving 1,000 times per hour just to find a “sweet spot’ to ride on. The WHOLE SADDLE is a sweet spot. Thanks John for the help!

  4. Hi John,
    I’d be interested in what your opinion would be on the Kamm Tail that Trek is using in their new design. Any merit to this design?

  5. John Corny Cobb!!!!
    I am glad to see things are going well for you. You may remember me from a few years back, from the Bicycle Sports…particularly when I worked with the team at Wildflower. I have lost touch with you, and just wanted to drop a line to say Hi from the little blonde girl in San Diego.

  6. Hi John,

    I am trying to track down a lucid article/commentary you wrote about two years ago in a triathlon magazine discussing the many misconceptions about crank length.

    Can you send me or post a copy of this article on line? Sorry, we had it but lost it!

    As professional triathlon/endurance athlete coaches with a special interest and expertise in injured athletes, we have seen crank length as a probable causative factor in a number of hip injuries .

    We would be interested in establishing a dialogue with you about the crank length issue as we are recommending and some clients are post injury changing to shorter cranks. As you are well aware any thing shorter than 170 is a pain and aggravation to locate. Our smaller men and women under about 67-68″ pose a real problem. The predominant injuries have been FAI Femoro-Acetabular Impingement and posterior labral tears in the hip joint. We also suspect excessive hip flexion is a causative factor in EIAE. See Getzin & Silbermans case report in this month’s Current Sports Medicine reports if you have an interest.

    Allen DeLaney, MD, ME

  7. Hi John

    I’m currently testing out the v-flow max saddle as my previous saddle (specialized toupe) was causing numbness in the peritoneal area. Your saddles came highly recommended by iBike in NZ (see Jersey Sam Warriner is wearing in your blog photo). In terms of resolving the numbness issue and comfort of sit-bones, it was excellent. However, where I had problems was with chafing sores on the either side of the peritoneal area and the top of my thighs from the two ridges on either side of the groove digging into that area. Do you have any advice on this?


    • The trouble you are experiencing is due to the seat being too wide for your goin area. The chaffing is a classis sign of that. You need a more narrow nosed saddle, such as the Plus model. That should fix your issue nicely.

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