Relearning my Blog

I was reminded that I have not posted in several months on my Blog so I sat down to catch up.  The first thing I realized was that the procedures had all changed and I needed to relearn how to post on my Blog.  So bare with me as I do this, I have several new things to show you.

  The first thing is that I had to relearn how to load a photo, I believe I have conquered this.  Some of you may remember that I bought a Chevy Volt when they first came out.  The Volt is an electric car, I have had it for two years and have driven it more than 30,000 miles so far.  I LOVE MY VOLT. For me it has been just awesome and my lifetime fuel mileage is 75.6 mpg’s so far.  It has been flawless and is a great car on the highway.  But on to better things.

We have outgrown our office space and have moved the seat business to a larger building.  I found a much larger space and decided to build myself a first class fitting area.  I haven’t had my own private area with a desk and all of my stuff put out where ever I wanted it for years, so now I have good area for doing some good studies.  Because I have been traveling so much I had to really cut back on my fitting schedules but I plan to again take appointments whenever I am in town.  The whole world of “fitting” has changed so much in just the last 3-4 years, now, most bike shops have a person on staff that has been to some type of school to learn about fitting. This has been a good thing for the consumer because you are less likely to get injured right off on the bike.  It has also changed the need for a base fit for new racers, now, I believe that you need to race for a couple of years and log a couple of thousand miles before you might need my services.  I’m still the very best at aerodynamics and solving injuries or finding that championship winning speed but if you just got a new bike and need to get your seat height checked, go to your local fitter and work with them.  These days everyone has a power meter and a coach it seems, these are all great training tools that should be looked into.  I have some new things that I am working on in that area.

  This past weekend Ginger and I went to a triathlon in Kerrville, Tx. it was a very well run event by Jack & Adams in Austin. We were there a day early so Ginger and I went to  Fredricksburg which is a big tourist town about 25 miles away.  As we wandered along the main street I saw a store that said 5 & Dime, I haven’t been in one of those in over 50 years [scary number] it was just like I remembered it being.  There were toy Army Men, Toy cars, loop weaving kits and not a computer game in sight.  It was such a crazy stroll down memory lane, I used to go to the Bayou by my house and catch little turtles and sell them to the local 5& dime for about 2 cents each, this place even had the little turtles!! but now they are plastic and cost 29 cents but still, it was so cool to see all of this stuff.

Well back to reality, next week we leave to got to Kona for the Ironman triathlon, I’ll post some pictures soon.  When I get back I have some wind tunnel time to burn up testing several new products and theories so that should be fun.  And yes, I will do better at posting  more regularly.

~ by johncobbresearch on September 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Relearning my Blog”

  1. I look forward to your blogs and one day being fit on a Shiv when I can afford it. My Mom and Stepdad live in Kirrville and I have visited Fredricksburg when Becky was doing a rotation there. We enjoyed a date night. The shopping area is so fun and German food is really good. Thank you for all you do for the cycling community.

  2. Hi John,

    Great to see you posting again. Always a good read. This may not be the best forum to ask this question, but here goes… i read an article from 2009 about 165mm crank length where you were mentioned and i’m keen to read more about your opinions.
    After 16 years i’m back doing ironmans ( yep that makes me 41 ) and about to buy my dream bike. A Wilier Twin Foil. In my circle of friends not many are keen to discuss crank length and think i’m nuts for considering the change from 172.5.

    Have you written any articles lately on your findings? A fellow recently at a bike store was outraged when i even mentioned 165mm cranks, but i realised he hadn’t taken into consideration the whole drive chain, he just changed the cranks. i would like to really improve my times and i like to read about more of your “scientific discoveries”.

    kind regards

  3. I was looking you up to ask about your work on the Lugano. I just bought one and am an authorized retailer out of Chicago. I would like to know more about it – wind tunnel results, etc. Coincidentally, I see that we were both in Kerrville for the race and Fredericksburg after. Shame I hadn’t see you, I would have liked to have shaken your hand and introduced myself, thanked you for your work and contributions to our sport. Hope you enjoyed Texas. I find it hard to leave the hill country every time I visit.

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