A Beach of a Time

A crowded airport was the start to my overseas venture to Taiwan and The Philippines.  I needed to go to Taiwan to make some more progress on a few projects I’m working on, and the Philippines visit was all about the triathlon team Cobb Cycling sponsors, Team TBB, as they were having their yearly training camp here.  I just hoped I lucked out and got a seat with some extra recline if you know what I mean.  Getting to the airport was step a, and I was definitely going to be making my way to step zzzzz.zzzzz.zzzz.zzzzz within a few hours hopefully, to make the long plane flights more tolerable.   But let’s backtrack a second here.  before I went to the DFW airport, I dropped my porsche off to get a new rooftop put on it…you know, style it up a bit.  It never sits right in my stomach handing the keys to this car off to some guy I don’t know, but she needed a new hair-do 🙂  Hopefully when I got back from my trip, she’d be looking purdy!

One of my Team USA track athletes, Dotsie Bausch, sent me this photo a few days ago, while she was making an appearance at the BP MS 150 charity ride in Houston and Austin.  She was at the finish line cheering riders on when she spotted this man on a PLUS saddle.  Dotsie is a prime example of a quality athlete that works hard for both her goals in sport, and her sponsors.  Well done, and thank you Dotsie!

Ok so, I’m about to do something that will really give my age away, but here we go.  Ginger and I attended a Beach Boys concert yesterday, and had a great time.  I pulled out the appropriate garb, so as that I would potentially be mistaken for a real beach boy, and get ushered on the stage to sing a tune.  That definitely didn’t happen, but I wasn’t the only one in a Hawaiian shirt, that’s for sure 🙂

Congratulations to Team TBB members Caroline “XENA” Steffen and David Dellow, for two dominating wins at Koh Samui Triathlon, Thailand!


~ by johncobbresearch on April 27, 2012.

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